Result ISDRS Board Election 2016-2017

After the summer break the ISDRS organized elections for two board members, whose first term in the Board ended and for four newly nominated board members, who are partly replacing some board members who served their 2 terms of 3 years in the ISDRS Board, according to our statute (see We are very happy to announce that all six candidates have been (re-)elected with a substantial majority of the votes by the eligible members of the ISDRS (Green+ members).

Therefore, firstly, we congratulate Tomas Ramos and Volker Mauerhofer with their re-election. We trust in your continued contribution to the further growth of our Society! Secondly, we congratulate and welcome Marlen Arnold (Germany); Anne Wallis (Australia), Simon Bell (UK) and Rodrigo Lozano (Sweden). Please read about them on the following page board members page. We are sure they will be adding new energy to the our worldwide community and we are looking forward to our continued and intensified collaboration.