Side-Event CBD-COP Egypt November 2018

ISDRS & IUNCBD jointly organized a side-event at the UN Biodiversity Conference 2018, the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity - COP 14, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 17-29 November 2018

The side-event was on November 20, 2018, 18.15 in Building 2, Luxor – Asia and the Pacific Room, see CBD-COP website.

We have presented policy briefs on available recent research related to various CBD thematic programs and cross-cutting Issues, connecting to the research related to various ISDRS topics groups and the work in the fields by IUNCBD.

The ISDRS-Policy Briefs presented are available here:

Volker Mauerhofer’s report on the side event:

The PROGRAM of the side event was:

  1. Welcome & introduction: Volker MAUERHOFER (ISDRS/ISEE) & Pierluigi BOZZI (IUNCBD): Designing Research to Support Biodiversity Policy – ISDRS & IUNCBD Methods & Experiences
  2. Joji Carino, Forest Peoples Programme: Indigenous and Local Knowledge made visible: Contributions to Research, Policy and Global Futures
  3. Hien NGO (IPBES): IPBES:The state of science and knowledge…and what comes next
  4. Andreas OBRECHT (UN Environment): InforMEA: knowledge for policy, law and research
  5. Bolanle O. OBOH (University of Lagos – IUNCBD): Call to Action for Africa Biodiversity: Partnerships between Science Policy & Society
  6. Final discussion



– Presenting and discussing outcomes and lessons learnt in transdisciplinary biodiversity and sustainable development Science/Policy projects and research

– Discussing experiences and gaps in the stakeholders participation and contribution to science and policy making

– Identifying future challenges and perspectives, methodologies and tools, strategies needed to fully and effectively involve stakeholders in science/policy