ISDRS Members’ Meeting

This meeting is a formal part of the governance of ISDRS. On behalf of the Board, the President will report to the members activities since the last year’s conference in Nanjing. Just as important, the meeting is an opportunity for members to make suggestions for future directions/activities.

For the first time our members’ meeting will be held on line:

Wednesday 15th July noon - 1.45 pm Budapest time

Thursday 16th July 8 - 9.45 pm Budapest time

There are two iterations of the meeting to enable participation from a wide range of time zones. If you would like to join one of the meetings and are not registered for the conference, please email Charlotte Mummery, the Board assistant (

This year we would like to discuss two issues in particular:

ISDRS Mentorship scheme: devised and proposed by the New Professional group. The idea is to connect early career researchers with more experienced members in order to provide some career guidance. Comments/suggestions will be welcome, as well expressions of interest from both potential mentees and mentors.

Inclusivity and diversity: in the light of the Black Lives Matter campaign we are keen to hear from members how we can improve the accessibility of ISDRS to under-represented groups. A second aspect of this issues is how to better reflect the diversity of lived experiences and intersectionality of environmental and social issues within our research and teaching. This deserves to be a much longer conversation than we can fit into one meeting; we will collect the names of those interested to participate in an ongoing discussion.

In the case both items for discussion, there will be opportunities to join in subsequently for those who cannot make either of the meetings.