Topic Groups

First select one of the themes 1-9. Then click on the blue working group title to find out more.

I - Sustainability and Science

These working groups focus on the scientific and academic areas of sustainability.

  • 1a Theoretical Approaches
  • 1b Research Methods and Methodologies
  • 1c Assessing Sustainability

II - Education

The focus of these working groups is understanding education for sustainability, its provision, quality and accessibility.

  • 2a Provision, quality and access to education
  • 2b Educating for sustainability

III - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The first subgroup works at understanding climate change, the influencing factors and its impacts. The other two groups work at mitigation and adaptation of climate change.

IV - Sustainable Land Use & Sustainable Cities

With a lot of different and conflicting interests in land use, it is important to find a way to sustainably use the land. In cities there is the challenge of finding space for different uses in ever-increasing dense cities.

V - Corporate Sustainability and Innovation

The focus here is on what corporations can do to be more sustainable and socially responsible. Also looking at innovation and transition theories that can possibly influence the way they function. Transition to a circular economy is one of the focus points.

VI - Society and Sustainability

These groups look at global equity and how to achieve this. Also at unfair use of some countries (high costs and little benefits). What can we do so current and future generations can keep living in a sustainable way?

  • 6a Global Equity
  • 6b Ethics and Environmental justice
  • 6c Social Sustainability
  • 6d Lifestyles and consumer behaviour
  • 6e Large scale Land Acquisitions and Sustainable Development

VII - Institutions and governance structures for SD

How can SD be governed? These groups look at different levels (local, regional, global), community participation and legal aspects.

X - Special Engagement Groups

These groups focus on different important areas that can encompass multiple subjects but within one scope.

  • X-1 Africa
  • X-2 Latin America
  • X-3 Australia and Oceania
  • X-4 Asia
  • X-5 Young Professionals