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Past Conference - Bogotá, Colombia

Below a few key results of the 3b Life below Water track at the Bogotá Conference are displayed. A wide variety of interesting talks led to the following general conclusions;

• Ecosystem services (ESS) are a bridge concept linking natural, social and cultural sciences with decision makers from different walks of life.
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Knowledge Sources

State of the Art
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Recommended Sources: 
1) Recent insights and state of the art knowledge on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity be found on the intergovernmental knowledge platform IPBES - Science and Policy for People and Nature (read more)
2) Look at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Forests, Oceans, Biodiversity, and Ecosystem Services
3) Useful courses available at the UN SDG Academy; see for example
From the Ground Up: Managing and Preserving Our Terrestrial Ecosystems

Routledge & Earthscans' Sustainability Hub

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Who are we?
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The International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity  (IUNCBD) is an active partner of the ISDRS on this topic. Read more about the IUNCBD here.