Topic 6a Land Use and Planning


This topic aims to contribute directly to SDG 9, by creating a forum on promoting quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including regional and trans-border infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being (UN, 2015).

We also aim to study effective means of facilitating sustainable and resilient infrastructure development through enhanced financial, technological and technical support to developing countries (UN, 2015).

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Past Conference

  • Messina , Italy, 2018
  • Track 6a. Land use and planning
  • Track chairs:
  • Dr. Marc Wolfram, Associate Professor, Urban Transformations Lab, Dept. of Architecture, SKKU (Sungkyunkwan University), South Korea,
  • Dr. Markus Egermann, Senior Researcher, IOER (Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development), Germany,
  • Summary
  • With the interrogative topic “Planning for transformation?”, this track focused on the tension field between the institutions, practices and techniques of current planning on the one hand, and pressing requirements for achieving transformative change on the other (i.e. deep change in urban and spatial systems towards sustainability), asking:
  • - How does research address the relation between planning and transformation?
  • - What effects does planning practice have for sustainability transformations?
  • - How could future planning research/practice respond to the issues identified?


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- A good source on ongoing efforts at promoting resilient cities can be found here




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Harn-Wei KUA
National University of Singapore 

Marc Wolfram
Sunkyunkwan University, Seoul

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