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At our Institutional member  NTNU currently two CE projects have started:

Project at Hull University:

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Past Conferences

2017 Bogotá, Colombia:
Circular Economy & Industrial Ecology 
Circularity cannot be a dogma, which might not be the best strategy for achieving resource efficiency or sustainable development. CE needs to be considered within the broader perspective of Sustainable Development. A common framework for Circular Economy is not available yet ... read more here
Andrea Cecchin, Pauline Deutz

2016 Lisbon, Portugal:
Circular Economy & Industrial Ecology
Pauline Deutz

2015 Geelong, Australia:
Industrial Ecology, Innovation for the next generation
Pauline Deutz, Damien Giurco

Knowledge Resources

State of the Art:
Getting beyond the messy conceptualization of CE
In a just published article in Resources, Conservation and Recycling, we discuss and synthesize the diverse inputs from a range of academic disciplines into the discourses. We analysed 69 scientific articles that explicitly referred to a waste hierarchy in terms of a 3R, 4R or more. Read more

Recommended Sources
The top useful sources are the following:
1) Look at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Redefining the Role of Business.
2) Useful courses available at the UN SDG Academy; see for example "Globalization: past and future".
3) Current policies: European Union Circular Economy 
4) Circular Economy accord to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
5) ISDRS based book: International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology 


Routledge & Earthscans' Sustainability Hub

Who are we?

Dr. Pauline Deutz 

Dr. Andrea Cecchin

Sigurd Vildasen, Research Fellow

LinkedIn Discussions in our Topic group 5d

Recent discourses on the ISDRS LinkedIn discussion group:

July 2017 Anne Velenturf posted: Circular Economy Driving International Sustainable Development Research

June 2017 Ursula Tischner posted: Open innovation workshop invitation (German Speaking)

 May 2017 John McDonald  posted: MycoPLACES Ecosystem: a r)evolutionary, bio-inspired platform to enable every person to thrive

April 2017 Rob Ackrill posted: Call for Papers - Green Innovation

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