Upon recent developments in Ukraine

Today the Russian government has intensified its military operations in Ukraine, a nation invaded by Russia since 2014. The ISDRS Board and community are deeply disturbed and saddened by this militaristic Russian expansion, fuelled by purposive misinformation and false interpretations of historical realities, and deeply antithetical to genuine sustainable development and social justice.

We declare our strong solidarity with the free Ukraine and its people, and fully reject the military aggressions imposed by the Russian government. This represents a blatant violation of international law and a denial of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As a global scientific community, ISDRS is committed to global peace and sustainable development, not war and overexploitation of nature and people. We harshly condemn this ongoing attack and demand an immediate end to all violence. We are in strong solidarity with the bright scholars and students at many higher education institutions in Ukraine.

The Board of the International Sustainable Development Research Society
February 24, 2022