ISDRS NEWSLETTER, Volume 2016, Issue 1

Editors: Olawale Olayide, Volker Mauerhofer and Pontus Cerin.

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We hereby like to bring you the latest information about recent activities and news about our Society and direct your attention to interesting developments and up-coming events.



Message from the President
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Message from the President


I started this year via our various communication channels with wishing all members of the Society a very inspiring and peaceful 2016. I added to that: 'moving away from exploitative practices and hegemonic ideologies. Only by collaboratively and creatively sharing of our divergent perspectives we will be able to master our common challenges!' As the year progresses it seems the urgency of these wishes is only increasing.

For this newsletter I like to stress the second positive part of this quote about collaboration and sharing. We started this year with adding a new membership option: (research-) organisations can now be an ISDRS member as an institutional member. It allows the organisations to share their work via the Society to its worldwide network and has as an additional advantage that employees of the organisation can have all (Green(+)) member benefits, like participating in our conference with a large discount and access to the journals. Those who are going to join our Lisbon conference and have not yet registered might suggest this option to the executives of their own research organisation. We have already nearly 10 institutes indicating they will take these steps. See for all details:

But we are working in more directions to establish further collaboration and sharing. One of the weaknesses in the field of sustainable development research is the sprawl of internationally operating research groups. During the last year we have been mapping a long list of initiatives that do more or less comparable things: organise conferences, connect researchers via websites and possibly collaborate in research. A short study showed us that most of these organisations are operating in splendid isolation.

We have now started discussions with a first shortlist of such potential partner organisations. In this newsletter I want to highlight one of those. This is the World Student Committee for Sustainable Development ( This organisation focuses on students all around the world and is active with various interesting research topics. We had an online meeting with various board members from both sides and decided to make steps to closer collaboration. In this newsletter you will find an introduction by the President of the WSCSD.
To our members we invite you to give us, the Board of ISDRS, suggestions for possible comparable partner organisations.

Another example of such collaboration is our joint session on Circular Economy, organised with the International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE) at their 2016 regional meeting in Bogotá, Colombia, at Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes) on May 25-27 ( We will present some of the recent European developments in this field, while the ISIE will present North and Latin America developments.

Meanwhile our ISDRS activities for 2016 are very promising. The July conference in Lisbon is going to be a great experience. The organisers have received a large number of high quality abstracts. And as chair of one of the tracks I can add the observation that we have very high quality inputs, from researcher from all continents, which will enable very rich knowledge sharing.

Walter J.V. Vermeulen, President ISDRS




Executive Board Election 2016

In the summer of 2015, Rupert Baumgartner, Pauline Deutz and Walter Vermeulen have been convincingly re-elected by the Green (+) Members as board members. After which it was time for the (re-)election of the executive functions within board. In the period before the election in January 2016, all Board Members were granted the opportunity to make themselves eligible for the executive functions election.

Ultimately, the election was held in January 2016, resulting in the re-election of Rupert Baumgartner as Secretary, Pauline Deutz as Vice-President and Walter Vermeulen as President with the biggest majority possible. They have effectively been re-elected for the period until mid-2018. Warm-hearted congratulations and a sincere good luck wish go out them to continue their work for the ISDRS. 


Reminder to our Members:
to ensure you get all your benefits

The ISDRS would like to remind its members to benefit from their various privileges.
    -First of all, an important condition for Green (+) Members to really enjoy access to the four Wiley journals (see is a filled out and complete address in your personal account on the ISDRS website.

    -Also, both subscribers as Green (+) Members have the privilege to join the ISDRS LinkedIn group as long as they send a LinkedIn request andan email to with their ISDRS username.

    -The last reminder, and arguably the most salient at this point in time, concerns the significant discount Green (+) Members receive on purchasing a ticket for the 2016 ISDRS Conference in Lisbon. Your discount code can be found after logging in to your personal account on the ISDRS website.

For any further questions, please check the website ( or feel free to contact the ISDRS directly by emailing


Update Lisbon Conference Proceedings

The 22nd ISDRS Conference in Lisbon is getting closer and closer, and the preparations are going well. However, the conference organization is keen to translate sustainability principles into some concrete practical steps for the ISDRS 2016 conference. We would therefore like to invite you to share your opinion for inspiration on sustainable practices, please send the suggestions to:

Please note that on the 31st of March the early bird registration is due to close. So, act fast to ensure the lowest fee!

More information can be found on


Call for Papers


Call for Papers | Journal of Cleaner Production | Embracing the variety of sustainable business models

This Special Volume addresses the topic of sustainable business models from various perspectives including social entrepreneurship, corporate intrapreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

We welcome theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers. In addition, we welcome scholarly studies from a broad variety of methodologies (e.g. qualitative and quantitative), and from a broad variety of disciplines (e.g. management, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, organization theory, to mention a few).

- June 1, 2016: Submission of extended abstracts
- July 1, 2016: Feedback of extended abstracts
- October 1, 2016: Manuscript submission deadline
- May 1, 2017: Peer review, paper revision and final decision notification
- August 1, 2017: SV online publication

 See for more information the full text via:


Announcement and Call for Papers for the 7th Annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) 2016

The 7th edition of the Africa node of the Sustainable Development Conference tagged annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) will hold during 21-26 August, 2016 at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. The theme of the summit is Making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Work for People in Africa. The keynote speakers are: Amina J. Mohammed, Honorable Minister of Environment, Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Walter J.V. Vermeulen, President, International Sustainable Development Research Society.

Those willing to present papers at the summit should submit abstract of 300-500 words. Please email your abstract to and copy Priority will be given to papers that emphasize empirical research with clear implications for policy design and implementation. Submission deadline is Friday, 18 June, 2016. Notification of acceptance will be sent from 4 July, 2016. Those whose abstracts are accepted would be expected to submit full paper by 31 July, 2016. Selected papers would be considered for Special Edition of the African Journal of Sustainable Development (

For more details, please contact Dr Olawale Olayide, Secretary, Organising Committee via,, +2348035973449. Or visit


Special Issue on "Legal Aspects of Ecosystem Services"  in progress.

Late submissions of extended abstracts (300-400 words) to a law-related Special Issue of the SCI-listed Journal "Ecosystem Services"/Elsevier are still accepted.
For instructions about the scope and content please visit but submit extended abstract directly to the editorial team on behalf of the following email address

In case of an acceptance of an extended abstract, full paper drafts are due at 30th June 2016 latest and they will be subject to a double blind peer review procedure. 

Please feel free to also spread this information to colleagues and sorry for any cross-posting.
For informal inquiries please contact


Conference Announcement


4th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development

We are thrilled to announce the call for abstracts for the 4th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held on September 21 and 22, 2016, in New York, USA! This year's conference theme is Moving Forward: The SDGs in Practice. The aim of the conference is to bring together persons involved in research, policy, practice, and business. Participants will share practical solutions for achieving the SDGs at local and national levels. Abstracts should be directly relevant to one of the following 4 Themes and one of the following 4 Topics:

 Thematic Areas:
1  Innovation in Technology & Governance
2  Data (data systems, gaps, how to collect, etc.)
3  The Science-Policy-Implementation Interface
4  Education and Training  

1  Low Carbon Urban Development
2  Socially Inclusive Economic Growth
3  Agriculture, Food Security & Nutrition
4  Disaster Resiliency & Adaptation

Interested presenters should submit a 1,000-word abstract, in English, via the conference website, Each abstract may only be submitted once and under one theme & topic. Failure to answer questions on the submission form or submission of the same abstract under multiple themes could result in the abstract being declined. 





"New book on "Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development" released with SpringerInternational Publishers

In January 2016, a new book titled "Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development" and edited by ISDRS board member Volker Mauerhofer has been released with Springer International Publishers. It brings together 44 contributors with 29 original contributions, also partly as an direct outcome of the past ISDRS conferences 2014 and 2015 in Hull/Uk and Geelong/Australia.

The book present innovative thoughts and replicable ideas from this exciting, new area, which will be of value to practitioners and researchers alike. These contributions are allocated into a horizontal and sectorial part respectively. The section covering horizontal policies has five sub-parts: 1) general aspects; 2) human and intellectual property rights; 3) communication and social enterprise governance; 4) public participation and 5) assessment tools. The second part on sectorial policies also has five sub-parts: 1) forest and water management; 2) renewable energy; 3) cities, waste and material management; 4) biodiversity, nature conservation, oceans and spatial planning and 5) agriculture and rural policy.

The book has 647 pp and is available as hard copy as well as e-book (more informations at


Special Section on "Public Participation in Environmental Matters" published in "Land Use Policy"/Elsevier

A Special Section on 'Public participation in Environmental Matters' (Guest Edited by V. Mauerhofer) was made available by the Elsevier-journal ‘Land Use Policy’ (2016, Vol. 52) under the links provided below only till 5th April 2016 for a free download:

1. Mauerhofer V., Introduction to the Special Issue: Public participation in environmental and land use policy in East Asia,
2. Mauerhofer V., Public participation in environmental matters: Compendium, challenges and chances globally,
3. Okubo N., The development of the Japanese legal system for public participation in land use and environmental matters,
4. Gera W., Public participation in environmental governance in the Philippines: The challenge of consolidation in engaging the state,
5. Kabiri N., Public participation, land use and climate change governance in Thailand,
6.  Li W., Failure by design – National mandates and agent control of local land use in China,
7. Gu H., NIMBYism in China: Issues and prospects of public participation in facility siting,
8. Ogihara A., Shimaoka M., Roppongi H., Potentialities for a regional public participation framework in Asia: An environmental assessment perspective,
9. Puppim de Oliveira J.A., Fra.Paleo U, Lost in participation: How local knowledge was overlooked in land use planning and risk governance in Tōhoku, Japan, pp. 543-551
10. Mauerhofer V., Larssen C., Judicial perspectives from the European Union for Public Participation in Environmental Matters in East Asia,

For further questions or comments, please contact


General Announcements


Interdisciplinarity in action - a philosophical view on economic valuation

Scientists talk of “ecosystem services” and their economic value when arguing for the conservation of biodiversity. The limits to this line of argumentation can be analysed based on the philosophy of values (axiology), exploring different kinds of values and discussing which of them can be adequately described with economic methods. A new view of what is the legitimate domain of economic valuation emerges. To see if that is a challenge to biodiversity conservation, the three promises of economic valuation, raising awareness in polity,  saving biodiversity by internalising external cost, and contributing to better decisions are assessed - and turn out to be more than questionable. Based on both analyses, the niche can be defined where economic valuation makes sense, and when it indeed can lead to better decisions.

For details see Spangenberg JH, Settele J. 2016. Value pluralism and economic valuation – defendable if well done. Ecosystem Services 18: 100-109. DOI:, with free access until April 21, 2016 at


PhD Summer School "Research on Sustainable Development"

The University of Basel, Switzerland, invites PhD students to the 3rd international and interdisciplinary PhD Summer School 'Research on Sustainable Development', taking place from 18 – 22 July 2016 at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

This year's Summer School examines the variety of conceptions of sustainability and how they shape research. Participants will get to know and examine innovative methods to find firm and informed ways through this thicket.

Outstanding experts from economics, natural sciences and social sciences will enrich the discussions and comment on the participants' presentations.

Invited guest speakers:
- Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buchholz, University Regensburg
- Prof. Dr. Konrad Steffen, director of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
- Prof. Dr. Susan Baker, Cardiff School of Social Sciences 

The School is open to advanced PhD students who research in the field of sustainability and who are passionate about furthering the interdisciplinary discourse on sustainability.

The closing date for applications is April 30, 2016. The number of participants is limited. There will be no attendance fee. 

For further information please visit the Website



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