Invitation to all our members and followers:

What was the best journal article in 2018?


All members and followers of the ISDRS are invited to suggest candidates for the ISDRS “Best Sustainable Development Article Award 2018”. We want to reward the best SD researchers and we want to help all researchers to find the best work in the field by flag shipping the best articles published.


What was the new article you read this last year, of which you thought: “Wow, this is what we need!!” 


Criteria, protocol and deadlines 

What kind of articles are we looking for? For the assessment, the Jury will use the following criteria:

  1. The article has been accepted and published (including online early view versions) in the year 2018 in a scientific peer-reviewed journal, accepted by commonly used scientific literature databases (like ISI, Scopus, etc.);
  2. The article should be in English;
  3. The content of the article addresses a sustainable development topic with an inter-disciplinary or transdisciplinary perspective;
  4. The article makes a well-defined contribution to academic debates and shows awareness of the complex nature of sustainable development;
  5. The article offers or at least provides hints for possible solutions to sustainability problems;
  6. The article enables positive societal impacts, bridging between science and society.


We work with a participatory approach: everyone connected to the ISDRS can suggest nominations for the ISDRS “Best Sustainable Development Article Award 2018”. The Award Jury will determine the short list of 10 nominated papers and after that again ISDRS members and followers can vote to select the best article. The winners will be honoured during the 2019 ISDRS Conference in Nanjing. The Jury includes ISDRS six Board Members and ISDRS Green(+) members.


We invite ISDRS Green(+) members to be in the Jury, so please  step forward to be part of the Award Jury. If you are interested in this role, please let us know: (


How can you submit your suggestion for the best article of 2018?


Log in as member or follower* on the ISDRS website

and follow the instructions on the Best Article Award submission page

(if you are unable to upload the file, please send by email to

Please submit your suggestions before 15-2-2019


*: if you are not yet registered, please do so: see membership page