Dear Member,

As many of us are preparing for a seasonal break, I’m pleased to share the results of the board elections.  The following individuals have been elected (or in some cases re-elected) to the board:

• Hanna Ahlström, Norway

• Marlen Arnold, Germany (re-elected)

• Francisco Comin, Spain (re-elected)

• Alexandra Franklin, UK

• Simon Lockrey, UK/Australia

• Roberto Merli, Italy (re-elected)

• G Shainesh, India

• Sebastian Thomas, Australia

• Eduardo Wills Herrera, Colombia (re-elected)

• Zengwei Yuan, China

I would like to warmly welcome the new board members.  You might recall that you were invited to vote for nine people, whereas we are welcoming ten. This is because of a three-way tie for the last two places.  Many thanks to everyone who stood for election and/or participated in the vote.

I would like to  reiterate my thanks for those who are completing their term of office at the end of the year (Tomas Ramos, Joachim Spangenberg and Kua Harn Wei). 


Best Paper Award Jury

As we prepare to launch the third annual best paper award in the new year, volunteers are requested to serve on the best paper award jury.  The jury reviews the nominated papers to produce the shortlist for the public vote.  This is a critical part of the process – the work of the jury is very much appreciated.  Please contact the board assistant, Charlotte Mummery if you are interested.  

With all good wishes to everyone,