Dr. Sjors Witjes

After having worked on cleaner production, LCA and eco design for firms, local and national government as well as the United Nations in Latin America and as CS advisor for bigger SMEs in Europe, Sjors co developed the sustainable business and innovation master at Utrecht University with a parallel development of his PhD on 15 years of CS experience. As an assistant professor strategic management at Radboud University in The Netherlands as well as extraordinary professor Corporate Sustainability at the Antioquia University in Colombia, his transdisciplinary research and education aims at preparing a future generation with the capabilities to contribute to a more sustainable society. As a coordinator of the global PhD programme on sustainability challenges under the Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges and co-director for the Responsible Organisation research centre, his research is based on the collaboration within a broad network of academic and non-academic actors and is aimed at supporting organizations with the integration of societal challenges taking a supply chain and learning communities of practice perspective.