V. Production, Consumption & Innovation

This fifth theme addresses business, production systems and the end-users: consumers.  Mankind is affecting the planet's health and society's stability by the very way it organises the provision of material needs of people and nations. Enterprises (large, small, private, (semi-)public) are the key actors in making the change to a sustainable world. Either voluntary, applying anticipating and responsible corporate sustainability practices, or forced by legislative and public pressure companies will need to shift towards full mainstream application of zero impact methodologies and innovations, creating a circular and fair economy in full, often word wide value chains. This theme relates to SDG 2, 9 and 12 and contains 6 topic groups:

5a - Corporate Sustainability & CSR
5b - Design for Sustainability
5c - Circular Economy, Zero Waste and Innovation
5d - Value Chain and Trade
5e - Sustainable Consumption and Consumers
5f - Food Security and Agriculture

Updates for the ISDRS 2020 Budapest Conference can be found in their respective topic group pages displayed above