ISDRS master’s Students Workshop Programme.

The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) is pleased to announce the launch of its Masters' Student workshop programme. This new program is designed to provide support and opportunities for master’s students who are interested in pursuing careers in sustainable development.

The programme will be held in conjunction with the annual ISDRS conference. The workshop will provide master’s students with the opportunity to present their research to a panel of experts and receive feedback.

Key objectives:

  • Encouraging students to pursue research for sustainable development.
  • Provide master’s students with a platform to present their research to a global audience.
  • Connect master’s students with peers from different fields of sustainable development.
  • Foster a community among students and new researchers enthusiastic towards sustainable development.


Stage 1: STUDENT PREPARATION- local university level

First year pilot case is dedicated to ISDRS board members’ students. At this stage, participating board members will initiate the preparation at their local university level. In this stage, the following steps will be taken:

  • ISDRS members will lead classes with teaching activities.
  • Students will be selected to work in small groups of three or fewer people. These groups will be supervised by an ISDRS member and will be responsible for conducting research on a sustainability-related topic.
  • Each group will conduct research on a sustainability-related topic.
  • Each group will prepare a short paper and presentation summarizing their research findings.
  • After presentations, the course instructor will select the best teams to be admitted to the ISDRD Workshop. The selected teams will have the opportunity to present their research findings to a panel of experts and other students from different part universities.

Stage 2: ISDRS STUDENT WORKSHOP/CONFERENCE (one single day between April 2024)- ISDRS committee level

At this stage, the selected student teams from the different participating Universities attend the workshop conference online. Each team presents its research findings to the ISDRS Committee. The committee will select the best three finalist’s student team works. The benefit of reaching this stage is the ISDRS workshop certificate. The good news is that each participating group of students will receive an ISDRS certificate.

Stage 3: PRESENTATION OF THE WINNERS AT THE ISDRS CONFERENCE (June 2024)- ISDRS annual conference level.

The winners of the second stage of the programme will be invited to present (remotely) their research work at the ISDRS annual conference. The finalists win a free online subscription to the ISDRS Conference and will receive the certificate of attendance (or they can attend the PhD workshop).