Topic 9c Public Participation and the Role of Stakeholders


Words are important but… Ever wondered what the difference is between Community Engagement as opposed to (!) Stakeholder Engagement? Maybe the question is not worth asking? Well, if you are intrigued (and are prepared to be surprised) take a look here 

Groups are vital too! But do we understand them? How are we in our groups and how good are we at listening to the words of others – the words behind the words. Interested? Take a look at Wisdom in GroupsIt might take you to some interesting places.

A new ongoing process regarding an UN-supported regional instrument on access to information, participation and justice in environmental matters in Latin America and the Caribbean (click here)

Helpful tools can be found here ( You might know it before – economics is never easy; a plea for context here 

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Linking Futures of Mountain and Ocean: Rescuing the SDGs 2030 for Sustainable Livelihood

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Impressions of Tracks 7c (Advocacy & Public Participation) [former name and number of related track] and 7e (Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development)

It was a premier. Both tracks were held the first time together, mixed within two consecutive sessions. Presenters came from North and Latin American as well as from European and Asian universities (read more here)

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Public Participation (PP) and the Role of Stakeholders are central to global and therefore human survival – it could be said to be part of an age old need and, at the same time the theme for “New Civics” (Davidson, 2003, Moro, G. 2010) ... Read more here

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The top useful sources are the following:
1) Look at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Redefining the Role of Business.
2) Useful courses available at the UN SDG Academy; see for example "Globalization: past and future".

Routledge & Earthscans' Sustainability Hub

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