Sustainability and Beyond: Journal of the International Sustainable Development Research Society ISDRS!

COMING SOON: ISRDS Diamond Open Access Journal: Elevating Sustainability in Publishing Practices and Research Topics

International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) are excited to announce its plans to launch its new Diamond Open Access journal, Sustainability and Beyond: Journal of the International Sustainable Development Research Society ISDRS!

Placing a premium on inclusivity and research quality, the journal emphasizes global accessibility, extending its reach to individuals worldwide, transcending financial constraints and institutional affiliations.

About Journal

Sustainability and Beyond Journal is committed to achieving global recognition as a leading forum for high-impact science, policy, and practice, scholarship, aiming to be a prominent voice for our society and the broader sustainability community.

The vision for this journal, embraced by ISDRS's community, is to serve as a platform for scholarly and scientific work that explores and addresses the nature and future of sustainability in a time of global crises, disruption, and change. This vision encourages conversations on creating more thriving and regenerative futures, celebrating diverse voices, perspectives, disciplines, and cultures.

ISDRS pioneers an era where knowledge knows no boundaries: Sustainability and Beyond opens its doors to everyone eager to explore sustainable development, irrespective of payment capabilities or institutional ties.

As a Diamond Open Access journal, Sustainability and Beyond realise a non-commercial model with no fees for readers or authors; it is entirely community-driven, academic-led, and operated under the umbrella of the International Sustainable Development Research Society without the involvement of a commercial publisher.

The journal Key Features

Publish high-quality empirical, theoretical, practice-oriented, and artistic research that establishes new knowledge, contributes to academic debates, or advances professional practice in sustainability fields.

Promote scholarship and practice that makes or demonstrates a contribution to knowledge or achieving transformative change.

Focus on original research and encourage submissions with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Reflect on the nature and future of sustainability and what lies beyond.

Strong academic community foundation: The ISDRS supports the diamond open-access journal, merging innovation and sustainability in publishing. As a publisher, ISDRS draws upon its 30-year history of global establishment and stability within the society.

The latest technical and ethical standards in publishing include long-term availability and archiving, high visibility that comes from adhering to ISDRS and meeting the technical standards, quality control, and publishing ethics and guidelines of international research funders.

Rigorous Peer Review: All submissions undergo a meticulous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of scholarship.

Unique Interdisciplinary Approach: Sustainability and Beyond adopts an interdisciplinary approach, fostering collaboration and knowledge integration across various disciplines to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted exploration of complex issues, enriching scholarly discourse and contributing to a more holistic understanding of sustainability.

The publications types:

Articles, Extended Articles, Features, Perspectives, and Reviews require additional features unique to the journal.

Following the completion and launch of the journal, we will invite researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the field of sustainability research to submit their cutting-edge research, perspectives, and reviews. Whether you are an established academic or an emerging researcher, Sustainability and Beyond: Journal of the International Sustainable Development Research Society provides a platform for exchanging ideas and advancing knowledge. In the initial stages of journal development, we are also looking for expressions of interest in supporting roles for the journal, including reviewers, board members, etc.