Board of the ISDRS

The board of the society consists of the following members:
(For some background details, see Board biographies)

Executive Board Members

Prof. Dr. Walter Vermeulen - President View Biography
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and Innovation
Department of Environmental Studies and Policy
Utrecht University

Dr. Pauline Deutz - Vice President View Biography
Department of Geography
University of Hull

Prof. Dr. Rupert Baumgartner - Executive Secretary View Biography
Institute for Systems Science, Innovation and Sustainability Research
University of Graz

Dr. Martina Keitsch - Treasurer View Biography
Department of Product Design
Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Dr. Olawale Olayide - Communications View Biography
University of Ibadan

Other Board Members

Prof.Dr. Peter Dobers - View Biography
Professor in Business Studies
Södertörn University, Sweden

Prof.Dr. Marlen Gabriele Arnold View Biography
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Dr. Anne Wallis View Biography
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment
Deakin University, Australia.

Prof.Dr. Simon Bell View Biography
Professor of Innovation and Methodology, Communication and Systems, MCT Faculty
The Open University, United Kingdom

Dr. Rodrigo Lozano  View Biography
University of Gävle, Sweden

Dr. Volker Mauerhofer View Biography

Environmental Law Centre of the Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Environmental Research, Meiji University, Japan

Dr. Tomas Ramos View Biography
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
CENSE, Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Dr. Astrid Skjerven View Biography
Department of Product Design
Oslo and Akershus University College

Dr. Joachim Spangenberg View Biography
Helmholtz Centre for Environment Research
Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI)

Prof. Dr. Richard Welford View Biography
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Sigurd Vildåsen, Research Fellow / PhD Candidate View Biography
NTNU Trondheim

Dr. Roberto Merli View Biography
Department of Business Studies
Roma Tre University

Prof. Dr. Francisco A Comín View Biography
Pyrenean Institute of Ecology - CSIC

Dr. Alex Franklin View Biography
Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR)
Coventry University

Dr. Harn-Wei Kua View Biography
Department of Building
National University of Singapore

Prof. Dr. Eduardo Wills View Biography
Management School
Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá

Former Board Members

Dr. Yamini Narayanan View Biography
Deakin University

Dr. Pontus Cerin View Biography
Department of Energy Efficiency
Swedish Energy Agency and Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Arun Sahay View Biography
Birla Institute of Management Technology

Prof. Dr. Peter Schlosser View Biography
Earth Institute
Columbia University

Dr. Shobhana Madhavan View Biography
Westminster Business School
University of Westminster