Institutional membership

ISDRS membership is also open to institutions. This enables institutions to give up to 15 people within the institution access to our member benefits.

Benefits for your institution:

  • Visible connection to our well established global community of SD researchers with a 20+ years track record;
  • Opportunity to organise activities (workshops, sessions etc.) under the ISDRS flag, access to the 3,000+ members for invitations;
  • Access to collaboration in Thematic Working Groups;
  • Wide diffusion of your research work via our Groups and Newsletter;
  • Discounts to the conferences for multiple people within the institution;
  • Access to the Society’s highly ranked scientific journals for multiple people within the institution;
  •  Voting rights in ISDRS elections.

How it works:

Upon registering, one member is registered as a contact person. He or she will receive a number (depending on registration) of redemption codes for free membership of additional members. All these members will have the same rights as a member. Please note that institutional membership has to be manually renewed every year, or period agreed.

On your website you can display a logo “Institutional Member of ISDRS”.

According to ISDRS policies, members residing and working in a 'low', 'lower-middle' and 'upper-middle' income economy can benefit from preferential rate (other income). For the country classification, please, click here.

Buy membership:

Registration type Logo High income other income
Large size institutional member
(conference fee reduction up to 15 members of the organization)
€ 1500 € 900
Medium size institutional member
(conference fee reduction up to 8 employees)
€ 500 € 300
Small size institutional member
(conference fee reduction up to 3 employees)
€ 250 € 150

Please contact us by use of the contact form to request more information or to register as an institutional member.

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