This year’s emerging theme

The 23rd ISDRS Conference 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia has the following special theme.

Inclusive Sustainability for Development:
How to engage academy, government, communities and business

This event will primarily cover the same core themes of the 22nd ISDRS Conference since it also aims at building bridges and synergies with the activities of the ISDRS, including its annual conference. However, five special emerging theme tracks are unique to the upcoming event, which are displayed below.

ISDRS Conference Core Themes:

1. Sustainable Development Science
2. Ecosystem Pressures and Limits
3. Climate Change and Energy
4. Sustainable Land Use & Sustainable Cities
5. Corporate Sustainability and Innovation
6. Society and Sustainability
7. Institutions and Governance Structures for Sustainable Development

Special tracks for the 23rd ISDRS Conference:

0a Sustainable development in post-conflict countries
0b Indigenous, afro, and rural communities involvement with sustainability
0c Art & sustainability
0d Water governance
0e Economic instruments and policies for sustainability

Watch the promotional video for more information! Or check the conference website.