V Corporate Sustainability and Innovation

Mankind is affecting the planet's health and society's stability by the very way it organises the provision of material needs of people and nations. Enterprises (large, small, private, (semi-)public) are the key actors in making the change to a sustainable world. Either voluntary, applying anticipating and responsible corporate sustainability practices, or forced by legislative and public pressure companies will need to shift towards full mainstream application of zero impact methodologies and innovations, creating a circular and fair economy in full, often word wide value chains.

Working Groups are:
5a Corporate Sustainability Strategies & Sustainable Entrepreneurship
5b Impacts of Corporate Social Investment and governance
5c Sustainable Technological Innovation and Transitions (zero emmision, new materials, recycling,, IT, , etc.).
5d Design for Sustainability (Eco-Design, C2C, product service systems)
5e Resource Management: Circular economy, Industrial ecology and sustainable regional economic development
5f Sustainable Supply Chains and international trade