Topic 5c – Short report Bogota Conference

Circular Economy (CE)
Circularity cannot be a dogma, which might not be the best strategy for achieving resource efficiency or sustainable development. CE needs to be considered within the broader perspective of Sustainable Development.

A common framework for Circular Economy is not available yet, since various current frameworks propose different visions of sustainability. CE needs a flexible framework and a specific implementation strategy in Developed and Developing Countries due to different socioeconomic and political conditions.

Further investigations in the following areas were suggested:

  • -  Social aspects related to CE

  • -  Business models of CE
  • -  The role of participatory approach as an essential part of implementing CE
  • -  The socio-political implications and possibilities of shifting current production- consumption-use-waste practices
  • -  The role of economic cycles in the adoption of a CE framework in national economies and industries

    Following practices were highlighted:

  • -  Adopting CE models for the construction sector is a priority in particular in Developing Countries, where the population growth in urban areas is higher.

  • -  When designing and implementing the CE framework in Developing Countries, the role and contribution of informal economy needs to be taken into account.
  • -  Normative flexibility is a critical factor to foster CE. In Developing Countries, law enforcement is an additional critical condition.
  • -  Implementing Circular Economy in SME's is an essential action to achieve a sustainable development of industrial systems

    Industrial Symbiosis (IS)
    Although some IS scholars have a contrary view, geographical proximity is not a strict condition to set up industrial symbiosis but the geographical context influences the exchange network.

    It is necessary to investigate the role and contribution of private brokers and governmental facilitator to foster Industrial Symbiosis.
    Further research is needed to integrate urban symbiosis with industrial symbiosis.