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Conference 2021

The 27th annual International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference 2021 featured a special theme on Sustainability and Africa. The session was co-chaired by Dr Olawale Olayide from University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Dr Desalegn Ayal from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia; and Dr Olufunke Alaba from University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The session featured 12 paper presentations. The papers were co-authored by 23 researchers from seven countries and two continents (see the Table 1).

Table 1. List of Research Papers Presentations at the ISDRS Conference 2021

S/n Title Authors Countries
1. Towards sustainable energy development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and
MA Justyna Tomala, Maria Urbaniec & MA Sergio Martinez Poland, Switzerland
2. Appraisal Of Socio-Economic And Political Implications Of Covid-19 Pandemic On The Nigerian Citizens; A Study Of Kogi State Oluwagbotemi Job & S.S Avidime Nigeria
3. Looking Africa beyond 2030: utilizing the gap of Africa issues through sustainable development goals Abideen Olasupo, Abdullahi Aborode & Taibat Hussain Nigeria
4. Envisioning African Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) - How can EPR tackle transboundary movement of e-waste? Kaustubh Thapa, Walter Vermeulen, Pauline Deutz & Olawale Olayide Netherlands, United Kingdom, Nigeria
5. Artisanal Refining and Sustainable Development Paradox in the Niger Delta
Region of Nigeria: The ‘Livelihood Dysfunction Trap Hypothesis’
Jackson T.C.B Jack


6. Assessment of climate change mitigation impact on income inequality in Sub-
Saharan Africa: a spatial econometrics analysis
Etse Yawo Dzakpa & Olawale Emmanuel Olayide Senegal, Nigeria
7. Effects Of Financial Inclusion On Smallholder Farmers’ Financial Productivity In Busoga Region Of Eastern Uganda Abiodun Akanbi & Olawale Olayide Nigeria
8. The Effects Of Community And Social Development Agency On Livelihood Of Rural Communities Of Akinyele And Egbeda Local Government In Oyo State Of Nigeria Oyelakin Akinrinde & Olanrewaju Olaniyan Nigeria
9. Resilience Capacity Of Rice Farmers In Niger And Ogun States, Nigeria Williams Agun & Olawale Olayide Nigeria
10. Poor Resource Governance, Excruciating Poverty and the Prospects of UNIDO
Good Governance Standards for Sustainable Practices in Africa
Adeyeye Adewole & Ginah O. Ginah Nigeria
11. Pathways To Livelihood Restoration For The Endangered Livestock Herders And Fisherfolks In Nigeria Kuta Yahaya Nigeria
12. Local Building Materials for Africa: Availability, Use and Challenges Abimbola Windapo & Francesco Pomponi South Africa, United


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'Assessing Households’ Carbon Footprint and Its Determinants in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria' by Olawale Emmanuel Olayide, Oyeniyi Olafimihhan and Gboluwaga John Olaomo

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