Prof. Dr. Francisco A. Comín

Francisco A. Comín is research professor at Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología ( ( (Zaragoza-Jaca, Spain, Europe) since 2002. Previously, he was Professor of Ecology at University of Barcelona (1983-2002). He has been visiting researcher at universities and centres in USA, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru. He is a specialist on ecosystem services with interest on ecological restoration, landscape and socio-ecological analysis. He is currently involved in the development of projects for the ecological restoration of open coal mines, wetlands and rivers in Spain and México and on the development of strategies and methodologies for the socio-ecological development of rural territories. He was the organizer of six international conferences. He has been member of the Board of Directors of two international scientific societies. He is interested on promoting research and practice on sustainable development throughout different spatial scales, and particularly on the integration of the sustainable development of rural-urban systems. References of his scientific publications and citations are available here.