Prof. Dr. Eduardo Wills

Eduardo Wills-Herrera received his PhD in organizational behavior and a master’s degree in management from Tulane University, New Orleans. He earned also a Master in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University,) in the Netherlands. He is a full professor (profesor titular) at the Management School at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. He has been a professor at this University since 1993, first as Director of CIDER (Interdiscilinary Center for Development Studies) and then as a professor at the Management School in the academic areas of organization studies and sustainability where he teaches a Phd seminar and an undergraduate course about Colombia and its institutions linked to the sustainable development goals. He also teaches a course about Organizations and Society at the Master in Development Practice and Master in Environmental Management of the school.
He was very active promoting the creation of the academic area of sustainability at the Management School in Uniandes and is an active member of it.
His research has been motivated firstly by development studies and governance with a particular emphasis in regional development and sustainable development. In that line of work he published extensively in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies particularly related to conflict and post-conflict and Colombia. Lately, his main research interests are related to the understanding of subjective well-being at the individual, organizational, and societal level. He has proposed the use of subjective wellbeing indicators as a complementary measure for sustainability at the organizational and societal level He has published extensively in journals such as Journal of Happiness Studies, Applied Research in Quality of Life, and Journal of Socio-Economics. He has been a board member of ISQOLS (International Society of Quality of Life Studies) and is a member of ISQOLS. He is also a board member of Transparency Colombia.

Publications and citations of his work can be seen in google scholar citations available here