Dr Olga Cam

Dr Olga Cam is an accounting lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Her research concerns the emancipatory and enabling power of accounting in facilitating sustainable living. In particular, she looks at how accounting - a tool central to organisational decision-making, can be expanded beyond its currently narrow financial focus to stop business organisations from contributing to environmental and social degradation and instead adopt a multiple value creation approach. This covers topics such as processes of organisational accounting and reporting strategy adaptation to emerging societal pressures, historical examples of the emancipatory accounting application, and practical ideas for integrating sustainability into small business accounting.

To prepare the professionals of the future,  accounting and many other social sciences disciplines also require to rethink the traditional educational models. There is a growing need to meet the demands of the current employers while providing a critical education for the 'unknown'.  This drives Olga's other research interest- education for sustainable development. From this research perspective, she is concerned with searching for educational models that can combine the dual educational aim of contemporary higher education providers.

Olga is also an active member of the Sheffield (business) Suitability Network and an executive board member of the Education Interest Group in the British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA).