Best Article Award Winner and Runners up

Best Article Award Winner and Runners up


Nhamo, G., Muchuru,S and Nhamo, S

'Women's needs in new global sustainable development policy agendas."

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First runner up

Fritz, L., and Binder, C.

Participation as Relational Space: A Critical Approach to Analysing Participation in Sustainability Research.

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 "We are very pleased that our article has been nominated for this award and are happy that a relational approach to participation is finding interest within ISDRS community! We thank the Award Jury as well as all ISDRS members and followers and  look forward to engaging in future discussions about sustainable development within the ISDRS community!" Livia Fritz 

Second runner up

Wastling,T,.  Charnley, F,. and Moreno, M.

Design for Circular Behaviour: Considering Users in a Circular Economy.

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'I am honoured to receive one of the highest numbers of votes for the ISDRS Best Sustainable Development Article Award 2018. My article makes the case for expanding the current narrative around circular design, moving beyond technical design approaches and appreciating the effect that the design of products, services and systems have on user behaviour. This work provides an initial step towards understanding the role of user behaviour in transitioning to a circular economy, providing a model for how to design practical behaviour change strategies. It builds on and brings together amazing work by researchers working across circular design and design for behaviour change. I'm excited to see how this research evolves, in what is a rapidly growing area. 

I like to convey my gratitude to judging panel and ISDRS members who voted for this article. I would also like to thank the team at The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Cranfield Centre for Design. Without their support, this work would not have been possible.' Tom Wastling