Master’s and PhD Opportunities

Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies for Circular Economy

At Padova University the new high education course to train professionals in green transition

As of October 2021, the University of Padova will be offering a new master’s degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies for Circular Economy.

The two-year programme intends to provide students with interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competencies so that they can make independent decisions within a sustainable context based on circular economy principles. The new master’s degree involves teaching from 12 different departments of Padova University and is taught entirely in English.

To address the new challenges of a climate-neutral Europe, upon completion of the first year, which is common to all students, it is possible to choose between two different paths, namely Resources and product design and recycling and Energy conversion and storage.

The programme has a strong intersectoral approach focusing on materials, both natural and synthetic, from a structural, compositional and functional point of view, taking into account aspects such as recycling of plastics, polymers and inorganic materials as metals and glasses, and issues associated with energy, as electrochemistry, biomass energy and management of energy process according to the circular model. Students will also gain knowledge of the green chemistry techniques and related industrial processes, as well as of thermodynamic and catalytic processes and their application to environmental protection and a circular production system.

During the Master’s Degree programme the traineeship experience ensures students have the chance to come into contact with productive activities and apply their knowledge within a real industrial and research context. To further disseminate the principles of circular economy, every year the programme will organize a summer school, which will involve external experts and will be open to company staff.

Considering the ever increasing request for professionals operating within the circular economy sector, graduates of the programme may be employed by companies, public administrations, or work as self-employed professionals. Employment opportunities include Circular Economy manager, Research and Development manager, external consultant for small- and medium-sized companies that wish to implement a circular model.

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