Topic Group 5a: CSR and Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Call for papers in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management: for a Special Issue on Sustainable Innovation: Processes, Strategies, and Outcomes’. Deadline: 30 July 2018

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Messina, Italy, 2018

5a Corporate Sustainability and CSR

This Track had 29 interesting papers being presented during the last three days.

What we have observed are very interesting perspectives on Corporate Sustainability (CS) from many different cultural though international backgrounds. In our view, this enriches our understanding of different meanings of CS depending on specific contexts and provides many ideas for future research. Many research projects presented are works in progress of high quality already, so that we look forward to the upcoming conference. We hope that the next years' organizers contact us for creating this Track to which we shall provide template and guidance.


This track as a result of the special issue of "Sustainable Development," an impact journal published by John Wiley,with focus on Corporate Sustainability.

Knowledge Resources

State of the Art:
Several frameworks have been developed to operationalise, quantify, measure and foster sustainability strategies. Read more about this and related topics here

Recommended Sources:
1) Look at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Redefining the Role of Business.
2) Useful courses available at the UN SDG Academy; see for example "Globalization: past and future".

Routledge & Earthscans' Sustainability Hub

Find useful essays, free books and articles, case studies and more at our partner's website: 


Who are we?

Who are we?

Dr Romana Rauter
Assistant Professor
University of Graz, Austria

Dr. Ir. Sjors Witjes
Radboud University Nijmegen

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