How to get involved in ISDRS Topic Groups

With our Topic Groups we stimulate debate on the crucial sustainable development issues and progress and challenges in research on those issues. Board members or other ISDRS members are leading the Topic Groups.

As an ISDRS member you can contribute to and support the topic groups in various ways.

Simple inputs:
If you have research results or knowledge about recent developments in research or best cases in the field of the topic group: share them with us: they can be shown on our website pages for the topic groups. Provide us with the proper weblink (article, report, website etc.) to connect to.

Send us a short essay:
You may make the extra step: write the key points down in a short essay. This can be posted on various channels: on the Topic Group webpage; in the ISDRS LinkedIn discussion group and in the ISDRS Newsletter.

Active involvement:
We also welcome ISDRS members to be actively involved in a coordinating, initiating and activating role, contributing to the global discourse on the topic. This includes an active role on the conferences, writing the call for papers and reviewing submitted abstract and parers for the conference and chairing the track sessions. Topic Group activities may go beyond that and result in editing special issues of our scientific journals based on the conference inputs, developing discussion or position papers or edited books to be produced. This depends on the level of ambition of the topic group leaders.

Send an email to and/or to the topic group leaders mentioned on the webpages.