Track “4b. Affordable and clean energy”

Marina Mistretta (
Joanna Kulczycka (

All the contribution presented in the track “4b. Affordable and clean energy” provided interesting insight in the path toward sustainability and showed that we are in a transition toward clean and efficient use of energy, to reduce the impact of energy production on the environment and economy, in the attempt to match the 7th Goal of Sustainable Development Goal. Eleven speeches were carried out and discussed about new approaches, methods, projects and case study applications in order to assess developments, current policy progress and pathways toward low-carbon technologies. New technological solution in the field of clean energy were presented both using for example hydrogen, biomass. The theoretical part covers proposal of using different models for calculation efficiency and sustainability of different solutions concerning carbon pricing or ranking technical options. Discussion about the following topics was carried out:

− Renewable energy sources, as alternative technology options;
− Energy use and efficiency measures;
− Cleaner technologies;
− New approaches to predict impacts of climate changes on energy systems, from resources     supply to end-use energy services demand;
− Eco-innovation in energy generation and consumption;
− Theoretical and practical contribution of circular economy concept for affordable and clean energy.
A number of key-messages can thus be retrieved from this session:
- The global strategies to reduce environmental impacts, together to the demand for more secure energy, is a great incentive to shift toward renewable energies.
- The decarbonisation of the power sector requires a strong and rapid uptake of renewable energy technologies.
- While the transition process needs to happen at the global level, individual countries will have to take the lead in implementing appropriate policies that will promote the diffusion of renewable energy technologies.
- Implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy Sources are favourite approaches to contribute to reduce both EU energy consumption and climate vulnerability while contributing to match the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 7 “Affordable and clean energy”.
- For promoting clean energy sources and its rational use it is recommended to pay stronger attention for local stakeholders.