Mentorship Programme

What is the Mentorship Programme all about?

Our main goal is to create meaningful connections between senior academics (mentors) and junior academics (mentees), fostering mutual benefits and building stronger relationships within the ISDRS community as a whole.

The purpose of this programme is to match mentors with mentees to enable the following:

  • Extra support and advice for junior researchers from experienced senior researchers. This support will complement the supervision provided by a supervisor/adviser during the mentee's research project.
  • Informal conversations with a regular frequency (e.g., four times a year electronically). These discussions will cover various topics, such as academic work/research, career guidance, work-life balance, setting and pursuing life and career goals, and expanding professional networks.

Why become a mentor?

If you are a senior researcher within ISDRS (PhD required), such as a university professor, topic group leader, board member, or experienced member, being a mentor offers a range of benefits:

  • Share the knowledge you've accumulated over the years, strengthening your own understanding in the process.
  • Gain fresh perspectives by interacting with the next generation of professionals and learning about their hopes and expectations.
  • Expand your professional and personal networks by connecting with other experts in your field.
  • Excel your listening skills while providing valuable guidance to mentees.

Why become a mentee?

As a mentee, you can be a master's student, PhD candidate, postdoctoral researcher, or junior researcher on a short-term contract. By participating in the Programme, you can:

  • Set and commit to personal goals while involving your mentor in a constructive and thoughtful way.
  • Ask thoughtful questions and stay curious about your field of study.
  • Take charge of your own development and growth.
  • Receive valuable feedback and gain new perspectives from your mentor.

What will interactions look like?

The Mentorship Programme will kick off in December 2023, and mentor-mentee pairs will have the opportunity to meet at a virtual workshop in January 2024. The communication can be 100% online, but there will be a chance to meet at the annual ISDRS conference.

The Programme will conclude with an online feedback session before the summer break, followed by an in-person final session during next year's annual ISDRS conference for those present.

In addition, throughout the year, participants will be invited to join inspirational events where academics from various disciplines will share their career journeys, challenges, rewarding experiences, and successful strategies.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

This Programme is primarily aimed at ISDRS members (paying the conference registration fee automatically grants you an ISDRS membership for one year). However, we will also consider other individuals upon request.

How to apply?

The Mentorship Programme has been organised by the New Professionals Group at ISDRS since 2020.

To indicate your interest in the 2023/2024 edition, please register by completing this form by the 20th of Februay.

Registration form

Feel free to contact the organisers, Agnieszka Stefaniec and Saurabh Biswas, with any queries you may have.

Stay updated on social media for future editions and associated events of the Programme!

Past editions

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