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Deadline extended 17th January: Submit your abstract now for ISDRS 2022!

DEADLINE 17th January 2022

ISDRS 2022 on June 15-17 2022 in Stockholm Sweden
Sustainable Development and Courage. Culture, Art and Human Rights

We are very happy and proud to invite you to join the ISDRS 2022 conference. We are planning for an on campus event in Stockholm with online elements, enabling you to choose to join the conference in several ways and to a considerably lower fee for online participation. Fees will be announce early in 2022.

The program is already very exciting with a reception by the City of Stockholm on June 15 in the City Hall of Stockholm, known for its Nobel Prize Ceremonies, as the first teaser. Main calendar days are:

  • Main conference days are during June 15-17, 2022.
  • PhD Day and possibly Workshop days are planned for June 14, 2022
  • Sustainability and Art Tours are planned for June 18, 2022
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ISDRS 2022

The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) is pleased to announce its 28th annual conference to be held on:

June 15-17, 2022

Quick links:

ISDRS2022 Welcome page

Themes and Tracks

Oxford Abstracts for abstract submission

About ISDRS 2022

Hosts for the conference 2022 is a consortium of six universities based in Stockholm: Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College, Stockholm School of Economics, Swedish Defence University, Stockholm University of the Arts, Södertörn University and University College Stockholm.

Conference special topic:

The cultural dimensions of sustainable development  based on four keywords: culture, art, human rights and courage.


Sustainable development is often referred to by mentioning the ecological, economic and social dimensions of sustainable development. Cultural issues are often brought forward as a widespread suggestion to a fourth dimension, allowing research not only on scientific grounds, but also on artistic grounds.

We come together with a conviction that changes towards a sustainable development need leaders and a leadership that build on courage to break with taken for granted practices and experiences. Not seldom, people leading change are persecuted and human rights are broken.

The conference in Stockholm in 2022 would like to bring forth knowledge, insights and experience from humanities to enrich and exchange with scholars from natural and social sciences; it would like to facilitate knowledge exchange between scholars undertaking research based on scientific grounds and scholars undertaking research based on artistic grounds.


While current ISDRS tracks will be offered as usual we also want to take the opportunity to encourage new collaborations. For the conference we are now looking for a wide range of speakers, panelists and workshop managers. The invitation goes out to researchers and other leading actors in academia, the cultural sector, the public sector, the business community and civil society – everyone is welcome to submit their notice of interest. Our ambition is to bring together researchers active in both scientific and artistic research and to be a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge between the same.

Early on we will work closely with longstanding track chairs and involve local track chairs from the consortium universities to enrich and further develop the research topics and agendas.

On June 14, 2022 a PhD Day will be held, as well as workshops that bring together scholars interested in performing sustainability.

On June 18, 2022 a number of Sustainability tours will be offered, both in the proximity of Stockholm and online.

ISDRS 2021 News and links

The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) 27th annual was hosted by the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Conference special topic:

Accelerating the progress towards the 2030 SDGs in times of crisis

Here you can watch the common part of the conference with plenaries and keynote speakers.

Also visit the ISDRS 2021 photo gallery to see a snapshot of parallel sessions and some behind the scenes photos of our crew hard at work.

Don't forget to save the date ...

ISDRS 2022 conference Stockholm (15th-17th June 2022)


Keep up to date with developments of ISDRS 2022 by visiting our blog here

47 Countries Represented and Participant Record for ISRDS

Conference records have been broken with Mid Sweden University hosting the 27th international research conference for the ISDRS. This years conference, for the second year running, is organised digitally and the number of participants have doubled.

  • The conference takes place in July, and the preparations are now reaching its peak. For us, this is a great and exciting challenge to arrange a digital conference of this magnitude. At present we are nearing close to 400 participants, this is double the amount compared to the previous years conference. We are hoping the tickets sales will increase further, since we also offer one-day tickets this time around, says Hans-Erik Nilsson, dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media.

The ISDRS conference is organised for the 27the time and gathers researchers from around the world within the field of sustainability. Mid Sweden University took over as host when the intended organiser in Los Angeles withdrew due to the difficulties arranging a large digital event during the pandemic. The registered researchers represent 47 countries from almost every continent. Researchers from low-income countries can participate at a reduced cost.

The theme for this years conference is “How can we accelerate the progress towards the 2030 SDGs in times of crisis?” During the ISRDS conference, many different perspectives on sustainability, including economic, social and environmental, will be presented. ISDRS stands for International Sustainable Development Research Society.

  • The day before the actual conference we have organised workshops for PhD students and there has been great interest in participating. 60 PhD students have been admitted and are being supervised by professors and senior researchers during a workshop on the 12 of July. This is a greater number of syudents than ever before, says Volker Mauerhofer, professor and scientific project manager for the conference at Mid Sweden University.

The research conference covers ten different themes with 32 different tracks. 400 research articles will be presented and discussed. There will be at total of 47 sessions arranged using Zoom. In addition, 12 keynote speakers and plenary speakers will participate in the joint program sessions. The twelve guest speakers come from Asia, Europe, North- and South America as well as Africa. Among the speakers are:

  • Hans Brunynckx, Executive Director, European Environmental Agency – EEA
  • Åsa Persson, Research Director and Deputy Director at the Stockholm Environment Institute.
  • Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, USA.
  • Elizabeth M. Mrema, Executive Secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity – CBD.
  • Jane Kabubo-Mariara, Executive Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy.
  • Mark Elder, Director of Research and Publications at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Japan.

The three-day conference takes place between the 13–15 of July and is broadcast from a studio at Campus Östersund, Mid Sweden University. The majority of the researchers participate online and present their lectures digitally. Read more about the conference:

For more information:

  • Volker Mauerhofer, professor Mid Sweden University, phone + 46 (0)72-581 61 87, e-mail (English)
  • Catrin Johansson, professor Mid Sweden University, phone +46 (0)76-527 91 54, e-mail
  • Inger Axbrink, project manager Mid Sweden University, phone (0)70-393 16 43, e-mail

Utkast prm ISDRS ny ENGLISH version1CM

In support of the May 5, 2021 Statement from the School of Social Sciences Faculty, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

As the Executive Board of the global research community of ISDRS (International Sustainable Development Research Society) we were very distressed by the news from Colombia about how civilians human rights to protest has been violated. Conveyed by one of our Board members, we have read the above linked Statement from the School of Social Sciences Faculty, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

As the executive leaders of ISDRS, we stand united with our colleagues and friends in Colombia, who stand up for human rights and protest against oppression of civilians and the violations of human rights.

Planet Earth, May 6, 2021
The Executive Board of ISDRS
Through its President
Professor Peter Dobers

The EU’s Circular Economy Policies are comprehensively reviewed and analysed in new academic paper  

The EU has embraced the concept of the circular economy (CE), which has now become a central component of many EU policies including the European Green Deal and the Coronavirus Recovery Plan. However, academic research has yet to evaluate the discourse and policies of the EU on the CE. This is precisely what Martin Calisto Friant (Utrecht University), Walter Vermeulen (Utrecht University) and Roberta Salomone (University of Messina) have examined in their latest paper, published in the journal Sustainable Production and Consumption and openly accessible here. Their research analyses the 25 new CE directives, communications and regulations of the Junker Commission and evaluates their sustainability implications based on a typology of circularity discourses. Results show a dichotomy between words and actions, with a discourse that is rather holistic while policies focus on technical “end of pipe” solutions. To address the abovementioned limitations, the paper proposes a set of 32 science-based policy recommendations which can help strengthen CE policies both within and outside the EU. This research thus brings key insights for practitioners and academics seeking to better understand the EU’s CE policies and how to improve CE implementation at both national and international level. To find out more about their results, insights and recommendations please see the full open access article by clicking on the 'read more' button below.


Circular economy; policy analysis; discourse analysis; environmental governance; sustainability; circular society; degrowth; post-growth 

First book published in the Routledge / International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Series in Sustainable Development Research. 

Transdisciplinarity For Sustainability: Aligning Diverse Practices. By Martina M. Keitsch and Walter J.V. Vermeulen (Eds.)

This volume explores interactions between academia and different societal stakeholders with a focus on sustainability. It examines the significance and potential of transdisciplinary collaboration as a tool for sustainability and the SDGs.

Traditionally, academia has focused on research and education. More recently, however, the challenges of sustainable development and achieving the SDGs have required the co-production of knowledge between academic and non-academic actors. Compromising theory, methods and case studies from a broad span of transdisciplinary collaboration, Transdisciplinarity For Sustainability: Aligning Diverse Practices is written by specialists from various academic disciplines and represents an important step forward in systematizing knowledge and understanding of transdisciplinary collaboration. They are designed to provide a roadmap for further research in the field and facilitate pursuing and realizing the SDGs. 

The book will appeal to researchers and postgraduate students in a variety of disciplines such as architecture, design, economics, social sciences, engineering and sustainability studies. It will also be of significant value to professionals who are engaged in transdisciplinary collaboration that supports sustainable development.

Available for ISDRS with 20% discount code: ISDRS on the book website.

WANTED! – Jury Members for Best Article Award 2020

The ISDRS Best Article Award is becoming a pivotal element of rewarding the excellent research work in the field of sustainability and progressing ground-breaking knowledge to public. In 2021 ISDRS will hand out the Best Article Award for the best sustainable development publication of the previous year for the fourth time. The rising numbers of nominations encourage the ISDRS board to continue the selection of a Best Article Award this year again. So, when reading papers, keep the ISDRS Best Article Award 2020 in mind! 
Before nominating best papers – the nomination will start in December 2020 – we look for volunteers and active members for the Award Jury. A key element of the process is the ISDRS jury, which selects the shortlist of papers for voting from those nominated. The Award Jury reviews the suggested articles briefly and nominates a shortlist of 5 to 10 papers: each Jury member reviews a batch of the suggested articles, assessing these on a 1-10 points scale. Each article is assessed by max. three Jury members. 
While grateful for those ISDRS members who already declared their willingness to serve on the jury, we would still welcome additional jurors. Please consider becoming a member of the jury and kindly send your interest to Charlotte Mummery via email ( 


Click here to find out more about the Best Article award

ISDRS 2021: Save-the-date July 13-15, 2021

In recognition of the previous conference host of 2021, we would like to keep both the dates and theme for the upcoming ISDRS 2021 conference, our 27th conference.

Please save the date of July 13-15, 2021 as the main days of the next ISDRS event, including also July 12th as the PhD day. The conference theme will be:

Accelerating progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in times of crisis

We have created a Conference Committee that will help assist our efforts to bring you an online conference, true to the values of the global ISDRS community and that is attempting to live up to the lovely experience that prof Gyula Zilahy and his team did in Budapest during the summer of 2020.

At the same time, we are transitioning our conference sites to a new platform, since Ex Ordo will discontinue their support for our conference sites, as had been the case for the last years. So while we are speaking, we are in the starting blocks to build the next conference site. An extra News Flash will come when we are ready to launch the ISDRS 2021 conference site.

Looking forward to join the movements towards accelerating the progress towards the 2030 SDGs!

Would you like to join the efforts for a successful ISDRS 2021? Please mail us at:

Peter Dobers,

Vice President of ISDRS

In the name of the ISDRS Conference Committee:

Carlton Waterhouse

Gyula Zilahy,

Malin Gawell,

Marc Wolfram,

Simon Lockrey, and

Volker Mauerhofer