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Winner of the Best Article Award 2022

The winner of the best sustainable development article award for 2022 was announced at the ISDRS conference held in Malaysia #ISDRS2023

"Exploring evolving spiritual values of forests in Europe and Asia: a transition hypothesis toward re-spiritualizing forests" Roux et al.

More information about the ISDRS Best Sustainable Development Article Award can be found here:

Articles were shortlisted by our jury from 34 nominated best sustainable development articles published in 2022.

Congratulations to all those nominated!

Click here to read the shortlist

A special thanks to the jury of ISDRS BAA 2022:

Jake Keyel
Marlen Arnold
Wale Olayide
Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio -
Roberta Salomone
Subarna Sivapalan
Everson Dahwa
Pauline Deutz
Giuseppe MANGANO
Stella Emery Santana
Sevil Acar
Andrea Rocchi
Olga Cam
Saurabh Biswas
Shobhana Madhavan
Sandra Reinstädtler
Cecila Haskins
Letícia Muchangos